STAAH MAX - Extra Guest Charge (Packages)

STAAH MAX - Extra Guest Charge (Packages)

We have improved the design/layout of extra guest charge setup via Package Setup. The new design makes it easier to apply first level extra guest charges.

Where do I find the new Extra Guest Charge setup?

Login to MAX extranet > Booking Engine > Packages > Select the Room Types tab.

How do I setup my Extra Guest Charges?

Click on the icon against each room to see a pop up like the below:

1. Select the “Extra Guest Icon” for the required Room Type.

2. Enter “Extra Guest Charge” Calculation” as required. Property can load a fixed rate extra guest charge or a percentage of the Room/Package Rate.

Percentage based Extra Guest Charge (x): Enables property to apply formula. This will calculate the extra guest charge from the Base Rate and Package rate (Room Package Rate) calculation.

Example: Base Rate $100NZD, Package Surcharge $50NZD Extra Guest Multiplier 0.10. Extra Guest rate = $15NZD (100+50=150, 150*0.10=15).

Fixed rate Extra Guest Charge (+/-): Enables a property to apply a fixed/set extra guest charge, not calculated from Room Package Rate.

3. Once calculations are set Close pop up > Save changes.

4. Changes will automatically appear on Booking Engine.
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