Enhancement - Non Refundable Discount

Enhancement - Non Refundable Discount

Non- Refundable Discount


Non-refundable discount is only available to listings on full sync. Non-refundable discount is actually a type of cancellation policy. If host does not want to support full sync via channel manager, they can setup this discount directly via Airbnb extranet.


The non-refundable discount if for up to 60 days from today, and the lead time differ depending on the cancellation policy category. Non-refundable discount is available only for cancellation policies that meets below criteria:

  • Flexible: 1-60 days
  • Moderate: 5-60 days
  • Strict: 14-60 days

What does this all mean?

It allows host to offer a lower rate if customer chooses to book based on non-refundable condition.

On the customer site, customer will see 2 rate options:

Ø  Rate with flexible cancellation policy

Ø  Rate with non-refundable cancellation policy

Where is the feature found in channel manager extranet?

Airbnb wizard > Availability and Booking Rule tab > Booking Rules > Cancellation Policy

How to setup Non-Refundable Discount?


The non-refundable discount field will automatically display if the cancellation policy selected qualifies for this discount type. Simply add discount %


IMPORTANT: This discount type is only supported if host is managing FULL SYNC via channel manager integration. Otherwise, host can setup discount directly via Airbnb extranet

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