STAAH Instant - WMR - Info

STAAH Instant - WMR - Info

Explore WMR features to optimize sales via ConvertDirect booking engine

What is available?

  • Ability to select rate plan(s) that you wish to include in WMR rate comparison
  • You can choose and opt to extend Smart Pricing Rate (If rate is lower) than WMR discount
  • You can set blackout date(s)
  • Ability to hide WMR widget when promo code is used


Where is the WMR module in Instant extranet?

Login to Instant extranet > ConvertDirect > WatchMyRate

Apply Smart Pricing Rates If Lower

  1. You can choose and opt to extend Smart Pricing Rate (If rate is lower) than WMR discount
  • If flag is enabled, WMR will display SmartPricing rate (if lower)
  • You need to have Smart Pricing set up and applicable for the dates search

Rate Plans

  1. You can select rate plan(s) that you wish to include in WMR for rate comparison
  • The system will compare rates for all selected rate plans for the dates searched and return the lowest rate available

Blackout Dates

  1. Use calendar to apply blackout date(s)
  • If there is availability, WMR will return BAR (instead of WMR discounted rate)
  • This feature will allow property to yield based on occupancy. Over high season and if property do not wish to offer any discount, including WMR discount, they can apply blackout

Hide Widget when promo code applied on BE

  1. Some properties may not wish to have WMR visible when promo code is used.
  • If flag is enabled and promo code is used, the widget will not show on booking engine

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