STAAH Instant - Promo Codes

STAAH Instant - Promo Codes

We have enhanced the promo code feature available in STAAH Instant. You will find a better flow to improve user experience but more importantly, additional features to make it easier to use and manage promo deals.

What is new?

  • Corporate Channel no longer required which means, no mapping required
  • You can select and link specific rate plan(s) to a promo code
  • You can choose and opt to extend Smart Pricing Rate (If rate is lower)
  • You can set up promo discount to apply for the first night only
  • You can apply validity – booking dates and stay dates
  • You can specify which day of week promo code is applicable/ available
  • You can set blackout dates

For existing promo codes, no action required. We will simply migrate to the new feature based on current set up


Where is the promo code module in Instant extranet?

Login to Instant extranet > ConvertDirect > Promo Codes

What happens to existing promo codes when we move to new version?

  • No action required
  • All information will be migrated accordingly
  • Validity will be considered as ‘throughout’
  • You can access to update / apply validity, applicable days, blackout dates (if required)

New features

  1. Check box if you wish to offer Smart Pricing Rate if lower than promo code rate
  2. Check box if you only want to extend promo discount for the first night only
  3. Link specific rate plan(s) to promo code

  1. If promo code is applicable throughout, no need to check box
  • Check box to apply validity
  1. You will then see option to set booking dates and stay dates
  • You can add multiple date ranges
  1. If promo code is applicable everyday of the week, select ‘All Days’
  2. If promo code is only applicable for specific day(s) in the week, use the ‘Custom’ option
  • Select applicable days by clicking on the radio button for the day(s)
  1. On days that you do not wish to offer promo code discount, you can set blackout dates. 
  • For black out date(s) and there is availability, customer will still be able to book. BAR will be returned for the dates searched

Extra Guest Charge

By default, promo code discount is not applied on extra guest charge. If you wish to extend promo discount on extra guest charge, you need to enable flag.

The flag is found on the Promo Codes main details page.


  • When the discount type is based on $ value
  • Promo Code discount will not apply on the extra guest rate even if the flag is enabled

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