Enhancement - STAAH Instant Covid-19 requirements

Enhancement - STAAH Instant Covid-19 requirements

We have enhanced a new module to add Covid-19 requirements to add in STAAH for Booking Engine Bookers.

The setup is found in ConvertDirect > Terms and Conditions module

Terms and Conditions > Covid-19 Requirements

1. By default, the flag is off
2. Enable flag to display on Booking Engine
3. We have added a message example as a placeholder in each field
4. Property can change message based on their requirement
5. Display on Booking Engine – this message is displayed on Booking Engine and it is located just before the guest proceeds to payment

6. Message for Vaccinated Guest > When the guest selects YES, a pop-up box will display the message entered in this field
7. Message for Non- Vaccinated Guest > When the guest selects NO, a pop-up box will display the message entered in this field

  1. Before the guest selects either YES or NO, the ‘proceed to payment' button will not work (locked)
  2. If they select Yes and confirm, then they can proceed to payment
  3. If they select No, then the proceed to payment button remains locked, pretty much, cant proceed to confirm the booking
  4. We do not include any message in booking to indicate the customer has selected YES because, if it was NO, they cant make booking
We strongly recommend you to also add in:
  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Use Booking Engine alert to highlight
  3. Add in the rate plan description

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