What is Room Level - Dynamic Setup for Rate Yielding? How is it useful?

STAAH MAX - What is Room Level - Dynamic Setup for Rate Yielding? How is it useful?

How to Setup for Rate Yielding on STAAH MAX.
(Yield by inventory at room level based on seasons)


  1. Login to MAX extranet
  2. Setup > Availability & Rates
  3. Dynamic rates

The setup is a 2-step process:

1. Applying seasons to date range(s)
2. Applying rates based on inventory for all rooms and seasons

1. Setting seasons
a. Click the ‘From date’ and drag mouse to select ‘To date’. This allows you to set seasons to a set date range for a calendar month.
b. Once done, select season from drop down box in pop-up.
c. Default seasons are available in drop down (Default, Shoulder, Low, Peak, High). 

d. Submit. 
e. Bulk update option available, simply set ‘From date’ and ‘To date’.
f. Click +, to set various seasons for different date ranges

2. Setting rates – set rate per room type for all seasons

a. Select room type
b. Select season
c. Set rates based on inventory block (tiered). 
d. The maximum inventory count is fixed, and based on setup in room type module
e. You need a rate for each block
f. It will start with your max quantity count in room type. 
g. You need a rate set for each tier from maximum inventory to 0 inventory
h. After each block, click save and a new block will appear to setup new block
i. Total 10 rooms (based on total rooms set in room type setup).
ii. 10-5 rooms, rate is 300
iii. 4 – 2 rooms, rate is 400

Additional info
  1. Default season will apply to dates with no seasons applied.
  2. Properties can create their own seasons via Seasons list tab

  1. Select ‘New’ or ‘Master’
  1. New – create a brand-new season.
  2. Master – system created seasons, created before moving to new logic.
  1. Set Season name
  1. New – enter name
  2. Master – select season from drop down

  1. Select Header and Content Color. This is to identify the season applied in Base Rates module
  2. Click ‘Add’ to save season
  1. Click edit icon to make changes to new seasons. Master seasons, cannot edit
  2. User is diverted to edit section, click Save to apply changes.

Delete season:
Select ‘Delete’ icon to delete additional seasons.
Cannot delete season when applied to current/future dates

  1. Mode feature, enable dynamic to apply dynamic rates for set date range(s) for all or selected room types