Discount on Extra Guest Charge (Using Promo Code)

Discount on Extra Guest Charge (Using Promo Code)

By default, the discount set for a promo code only applies to the BASE rate. This means, if the room allows extra guest and a charge applies, the discount does not extend to extra guest charge.

Some properties have requested for the discount to also apply for extra guest charge. This is not common but a useful feature for a property that offers occupancy base pricing model.

  1. Room sleeps 3
  2. Rate is applicable for 1
  3. Extra guest charge applies for the second and third person
  4. In this scenario, the property will want to offer the discount for full occupancy, so there is a need to discount the extra guest charge

We have added a flag in Promo Code profile. A property can enable flag to allow discount to apply on extra guest charge. This only applies to promo code discount. By default, it is set as off. The flag is at property level, meaning if discount is enabled, it will apply to ALL promo code setup.

This discount applies on STAAH ConvertDirect (BAR and GRID) when using promo code. As WatchMyRate feature uses the promo code concept, if discount enabled, it will also apply to WMR extra guest charge (where applicable).

Where is the feature in STAAH Instant extranet?

ConvertDirect > Promo Code

How to apply?
  1. Click on ‘On’/ ‘Off’
  2. On = Discount enabled
  3. By default, flag is ‘Off’

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