Daily Deals Widget

Daily Deals Widget

What is the Daily Deal?

The FREE Daily Deal widget allows a property to promote a special rate/ deal based on booking  dates and stay dates conditions setup in promo code. It is easy to setup and can be enabled independently. The discount is driven by use of promo code. All STAAH Instant subscribers can use this feature.

What does the widget do?

  1. Highlights a deal on InstantSite and customer can click through via widget to booking engine
  2. If not subscribing to InstantSite, the deal is highlighted on booking engine 
  3. Widget can be implemented on any website to highlight promotion or special events 

What is new?

  1. The feature is moved from Event module to a module of its own, Daily Deals
  2. Booking dates and stay dates are based on conditions of promo code linked to the daily deal
  3. Option to customise colour theme

Example of widget:

For STAAH ConvertDirect subscribers

To StartCreate promo code with required conditions for daily deal 

NextCreate the daily deal via ‘Daily Deals’ module

Where is the Daily Deal feature found in STAAH Instant extranet?

STAAH extranet > ConvertDirect > Daily Deals

Click on ‘+Add Daily Deal’

Enter deal description in all fields and load an image

  1. Image is compulsory. The recommended size is 680*400 px
  2. Select STAAH for widget to display on ConvertDirect / InstantSite
  3. Select and apply promocode using the dropdown option. Only valid promocode(s) will be available for selecting
  4. Dates are auto populated based on booking dates setup in promo code. Widget is displayed based on booking date(s). You can only change the booking date(s) via promo code setup.
  5. If there are multiple daily deals with stay dates overlapping, the last deal setup will take priority
  6. On saving changes, you will be diverted back to the main details page. 

  1. Calendar > Overview of deals and applicable stay dates highlighted. Hover over date to see deal name
  2. Preview > Preview of widget

Property subscribing to InstantSite:

  1. Widget will display on InstantSite
  2. If customer does not click through to ConvertDirect via widget from InstantSite, the daily promo widget will display again on Booking Engine

Property subscribing to ConvertDirect:

  1. Widget will display on ConvertDirect

For properties that do not subscribe to InstantSite or ConvertDirect, they can still use this FREE feature on their own website. As an example, they can use the widget to promo a special and divert a customer to their own booking engine.

The setup is the same except:
1. Instead of applying to STAAH, choose ‘Other’
2. You do not need a promo code
3. Include a URL (Customers are diverted to this URL page) when they click on button

4. Widget script is found on the main details page

5. Click on button to obtain script
6. Property has to arrange for their web designer to insert script onto website. 
7. On the widget, there is no calendar option. Customer clicks on the button to be diverted to URL in setup
8. As an example, the property can divert the customer to their own booking engine