STAAH Instant - Daily Extra Guest Charge Feature

STAAH Instant - Daily Extra Guest Charge Feature

This new feature allows you to flex your daily extra guest charge on ConvertDirect Booking Engine and channel connections that supports this feature.

Usually extra guest charge is a fixed static rate. However over peak/ festive season, some properties may want to increase their extra guest charge to include add-ons, example compulsory meals. With this feature, you can apply a different extra guest charge for a specific date or date range.

This new feature is simple and easy to use. It is located in ‘Rates Module’ in Instant extranet.

IMPORTANT: This feature is only manageable via extranet only.

How to apply?

Login to Instant extranet > Rates > Rate Plans or Channels

  1. Check box to enable ‘Extra Guest’ feature
  2. Two rows will appear below ‘rate’ – Extra Adult and Extra Child
  3. Feature will only display if supported by channel
  4. Simply edit applicable extra adult/ child rate for date(s) and click on Update to save changes
  5. If extra guest charge is not entered using this feature, STAAH will apply rate as setup in channel mapping (if applicable) or rate plan
  6. This feature is applicable to Yourweb (ConvertDirect) and channels that supports this feature
  7. Only manageable via Instant extranet

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