Creating Last Minute Deals (Adding Specials)

Creating Last Minute Deals (Adding Specials)

Looking for ways to set discounts/create a special offer? Apply a discount or surcharge for the same day or days to attract short lead bookings for your property. Modify rate plans to apply last minute deals (also known as special rates or specials).

The LAST MINUTE DEAL feature can be applied to any deal that you offer on both Convert Direct and on OTAs.
EXCEPTION is to a deal with Advance Purchase setup. Last Minute Rate cannot be applied to an Advance Purchase deal. You may only set requirements for either one feature.
Once set, Last Minute Rate will automatically calculate discount or surcharge and apply on ConvertDirect and update all OTAs connected.
  1. On the STAAH extranet, go to SETTINGS > RATE PLANS

  2. In rate plans page, you will see Last minute feature
  3. Set number of days you want the Last minute rate to feature
  4. Add discount or surcharge. You can either apply multiplier or fixed value
  5. To apply a discount value, please add ‘-‘ in front of value (Example: -10)

  6. Save settings

If Last minute rate is enabled, it is identified by clock icon:

Hover over the icon to display the Last minute rate:

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