ConvertDirect Group Booking Engine - Promo Code Feature

ConvertDirect Group Booking Engine - Promo Code Feature

The new version of group booking engine allows Promo Codes to be used at a Group Level. This feature allows a property to set promo code at group level for multiple / all properties within the group.

Only promo code set via group level will be applicable on the group booking engine.

Where to set group promo code?

Login to group account in Instant extranet > Click on Group Promo Code

How to set group promo code?

Click on ‘Add Promo Code’ button

Next > Follow prompts and add information

The promo code requirements/ conditions must be the same for all properties linked to the Promo code – i.e same discount/ surcharge etc

Next > Select properties that you want to link to code (Check box)

If the Promo Code applies to all properties, you can select “Select All Properties” check box

Next > After you have selected a property, you will be required to select channel and billing option

Channel option > click on drop down arrow to select > Usually Yourweb or Corporate channel

The rate plan must be already setup in each individual property listing and mapped.

This is for properties that have Promo Codes that are linked to a specific Rate Plan(s) i.e a Rate Plan that is linked to specific Room Types. A rate plan will be created and mapped to a Corporate Channel.


You have the option to select Credit Card or Invoice. Generally, Credit Card is the preferred method. Credit card will be selected by default, however you can update as required.

Other information:

Edit > You can only edit a group promo code via group account

Delete > You can delete a group promo code via group account or individual property login

Where is the promo code field on Group Booking Engine?

The new version group booking engine search widget has a ‘Promo Code’ field.

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