ConvertDirect - Child Age Enhancement

ConvertDirect - Child Age Enhancement

Child age information is now collected at time of booking via ConvertDirect. If property/ room permits children, fields available on booking details page to capture child age information. This will also allow booking engine to calculate extra child charge based on child age.

Child age information will be included on booking confirmation and displayed in booking details in Instant extranet.

Property has to ensure infant/ child age is setup in property profile to enjoy feature.

Where to setup child age and policy in Instant Extranet?

Login to INSTANT extranet > Setup > Profile

  1. Child Age = Maximum child age for extra child rate to apply
  2. Infant Age = Maximum age for child to stay free
  3. Child policy = Applicable child policy

On ConvertDirect Booking Details Page:

Hover over ‘I’ to view policy.

When number of children applied

  1. ‘Age of child’ field will appear
  2. By default, it will display minimum chargeable child age
  3. Rate will adjust to include extra child rate
  4. If child age is changed and extra child rate not applicable, rate will reduce/ adjust accordingly
  5. If room allows more than 1 child and multiple children applied, the corresponding number of boxes will display for customer to enter each child’s age

More than 1 child, multiple ’Age of Child’ age box will appear for customer to enter each child’s age

What happens when infant and child age is not setup?

System will automatically default value to zero for both infant and child age. In this scenario, if property welcomes children, a guest can book children via ConvertDirect but child age will not be collected at time of booking.

When extra child rate applies to all children regardless of age.

If extra child rate is applicable for all children, meaning extra child rate also applies to infant. Property can setup infant age as zero and maximum child age where extra child rate applies.

This will allow extra child price to be charged (where applicable) and child age to be collected

Property for Adults Only

During registration, infant and child fields are not compulsory. If no values added, it will automatically default to zero. Similarly, if property is not suitable for children, zero value can be added for child/ infant. We also strongly recommend to enable flag for ‘Children Not Permitted’ in rate plan setup. This will ensure child option is not available on booking details page on ConvertDirect.

In rate plan setup:

Example: Children option is not available on booking details page

On Booking Confirmation Page

Email Booking Confirmation

In Instant Extranet > Bookings Module

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