ConvertDirect Booking Engine - Get Your Guests to Book Direct

ConvertDirect Booking Engine - Get Your Guests to Book Direct

The BOOKING ENGINE is a piece of technology that is embedded into your website, to enable guests to Book Direct.

Benefit to you – You build a relationship with your booker directly and you have the flexibility to give him more for his money.

Benefit to the Booker – He has a personalized booking experience with a confirmation in 3 clicks and he gets the best deal at your property.

The STAAH CONVERTDIRECT Booking Engine is easy to use and has some convenient features:
  1. Customizable to your website look
  2. Responsive to all mobile devices
  3. It can be attached to your property’s FB page
  4. Ability to sell value-add ons
  5. Promo Codes linked to a discount or special deal
  6. ‘Hot Special’ visual tag on selected dates
  7. Choice of 2 Displays – Package Display & Grid Display
The Booking Engine can be connected to a Payment Gateway, should you want payments for bookings to be taken online prior to confirmation.

The Booking Engine page can also be linked to a Widget on the Property’s HOME PAGE to refine the search for bookers.

For more information on our ConvertDirect Booking Engine or to subscribe please go to or contact your local STAAH sales team.
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