STAAH Instant - Charge Card

STAAH Instant - Charge Card

We have developed a new feature which provides property with the ability to manually Charge Credit Card directly in STAAH Instant extranet for bookings received from OTA. Payment will be processed via Payment Gateway.

This feature is available to properties that have subscribed to Payment Gateway that supports the Charge Card feature option – for further details please contact your designated Partner Services team.

Why should I use the Charge Card feature?

  • This allows you to Charge Payment for bookings that have been received from OTA, without Payment.
  • Saves you having to access your Payment Gateway system and manually enter details to process payment.
  • Select bookings that you want to process payment for – at the click of a button.

How do I enable this feature – Charge Card?
This feature is available to all properties that have subscribed to Payment Gateway that support Charge Card feature. Property

to contact designated STAAH Partner Services team member, alternatively please contact

How does the Charge Card feature work?
Once enabled properties will see the “Charge Card” button via booking module. This button will display for Hotel Collect

bookings that contain CC details.

  • To process payment, select the “Charge Card” button. This is a manual process and completed at a booking level.
  • Once selected, property will see the below “pop-up”.

Property can edit and determine the amount to charge/collect – either full amount, deposit or additional charges.

  • CVV is not required for Payment Gateway that do not require this to process payment (this field will not display – if not required).
  • For Payment Gateway(s) that require this information, system will automatically pull in information (if received).
  • If no CVV available, property to obtain and enter in CVV field (screenshot below).
  • If required, property can add applicable tax component to the total amount. Just add the tax value i.e. 10 (For 10%) and click on apply. System will auto calculate and populate amount in field.
  • Miscellaneous/ additional charges can be added in the ‘other charges’ field.
  • To charge deposit, enter deposit amount in field.
  • By default, the currency is based on what is received in booking from OTA. If this differs to the property’s currency setting in STAAH Instant, then the option of currency conversion will display. Property can choose the currency to charge. If they change currency, system will auto calculate and convert.
  • Once done, simply click on “Charge Card”.

How do I know if the payment was processed?

Failed Transaction:

  • If transaction fails, an error message will be returned.
  • The “Charge Card” button will remain visible for that booking.

Successful Transaction:

  • Confirmation returned (example above).
  • The “Charge Card” button will no longer be available.
  • Charged amount will be displayed.
  • Partial payment/deposit, charged amount and balance payable amount indicated in booking.

IMPORTANT information:

  • Booking must have credit card details.
  • Stay dates must be current (Charge button will be visible on day of check out and currently based on GMT).
  • Booking payment type = Hotel Collect.
  • ‘Charge Card’ button is not visible if above conditions are not met.

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