What is Booking Engine Alert?

STAAH Max - What is Booking Engine Alert?

This feature allows a property to publish an alert / notification to display on the Booking engine. Maybe you have a special promotion you want to announce, or maybe maintenance at the property that you want to notify guests about before booking – then this feature is for you.

Available free to Booking engine subscribers.

Where do I setup?
Booking Engine > Booking Engine Alerts

How does it work?
First step is to create the alert that you want to display on Booking engine. Click ‘Add’.

Name: Enter Alert name, this is what will be visible in Channel Manager
Display Name: Auto populated based on previous field, with option to amend. This is what will be visible on Booking engine
Description: Enter alert description detail, which customers will see
Validity: Set dates Alert will be visible on Booking engine

Booking engine display?
Once the booker is diverted to Booking engine, the alert is auto displayed in a pop-up.

Additional information:
One alert per day
By default, active alerts are displayed in Booking engine alert module.
Once an alert is no longer valid due to validity, this is marked as expired.

Multiple alerts supported, When there are multiple alerts for the same date, the system will automatically combine the alerts and display in a single popup

  • Create individual alerts as per normal
  • System will auto combine into one alert
  • Multiple alerts will display in single popup separated by a line