Booking.Com - How to Report Guest Misconduct?

STAAH Max - Booking.Com - How to Report Guest Misconduct?

Property can now report poor guest experience to Booking.Com from Channel manager. Available to all customers with Booking.Com connection via Channel manager.

The report guest misconduct tool supports specific scenarios specified by, so the misconduct needs to match one of the scenarios. Reports can be submitted anytime one day after check-in to seven days after check-out.

Features / benefits

Report Guest misconduct via Channel manager
No need to login to Booking.Com to report Guest misconduct.
Ability to block guest from making a booking at the property in future via Booking.Com

Where to report guest misconduct?

Setup > Reservations
Advanced Booking search
View booking 
Select ‘Report guest misconduct’. Visible on day after check-in and available for seven days post check-out, based on property’s local timezone.
On click pop-up is visible to complete 

Select misconduct category: drop down option, all fields are provided by Booking.Com
Select sub-category: drop down option, all fields are provided by Booking.Com
Additional information: add a short description of misconduct.
Indicate whether to clock the guest from making a booking at the property in the future via Booking.Com
Once submitted, button is replaced by a ‘Report guest misconduct log’ button

Log will display information submitted (example below)

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