How to Auto Stop Sell for Channels That Do Not Support Minimum Stay Restrictions

STAAH MAX - How to Auto Stop Sell for Channels That Do Not Support Minimum Stay Restrictions

Our newest feature is the Auto Stop Sell. It allows for a Stop Sell to be automatically pushed out to channels that do not Support Minimum Stay restrictions.

Previously, when you wanted to apply a Minimum Stay Restriction in STAAH for channels that do not support Minimum Stay Restrictions, you would have had to manually apply a Stop Sell.

In cases where a Minimum Stay restriction is applied for a ROOM TYPE (not a Rate Plan), your Stop Sell can now be pushed out automatically.

For Example:

  1. If you want to apply a 2 Night Minimum Stay for 20 to 31 Dec
  2. For a restriction which is applicable to all Rooms
  3. And the Room is available,
  4. The Channel, which does not support Minimum Stay, a Stop Sell will be automatically pushed out.
No further action is required once enabled. Stop Sell will apply automatically when Minimum Stay restrictions have applied to a Room Type.

In logs, you can see current availability in STAAH MAX, with Minimum Stay Restriction-and Stop Sell pushed out automatically:

For this feature to be activated, please contact your local support team.

To learn how to apply a Stop Sell, watch our video.

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