What is the Advertisement Feature?

STAAH MAX - What is the Advertisement Feature?

**NEW – Auto divert enhancement**

Who can utilise this feature?

Any subscribers of the STAAH MAX Booking Engine.

What does it do?

A property can use this feature for advertisements e.g. an event, promotion, partner. It is displayed on booking confirmation page.

How will it appear on booking confirmation page?

It will appear as an image at the bottom of the booking confirmation page. Customers who click on the image will be diverted to website/ link to setup.


Full view of confirmation page: https://www.screencast.com/t/g7Q8Vgc8cdxD

How to setup?

Login to STAAHMAX extranet > Booking Engine > Advertisements > Add.

On ‘Add’ page, follow prompts;
  1. Add Advertisment name
  2. Add URL that you want customer to be diverted too
  3. Add the number of seconds
  4. Add image
  5. Apply validity (If required)
  6. Save

Once setup, on the details page, you can ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’ advertisement.

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