How to Add Service for Bookings?

STAAH MAX - How to Add Service for Bookings?

Wanting to add an additional charge/service to an existing booking, a booker called as they forgot to book Airport transfers?

The new add service feature allows you to add an additional service to an existing direct booking. This is automated and gives you the option to upsell the booking.


  1. Log into MAX extranet > Stayview
  2. Select booking > click ‘Add service’.
  3. Once selected – you will see the following pop up. Follow prompts as required.
  1. Service: Name of the service (example - Airport transfer)
  2. Amount: Service amount
  3. Taxes: Optional – calculated from service amount

Additional information
  1. Available to bookings made via MAX Booking engine and CRS.
  2. Service amount is added to the total booking value.
  3. An email is sent to the booker confirming the additional service charges. Option to disable email to guest when creating service.
  4. Properties with Payment gateway integration can use Guest Pay to generate payment for added services.
  5. Booking status is modified when a service is added.
  6. Properties with PMS connection will receive the new total and added services.
  7. Service history available in Advanced Booking search module and Stayview

Advanced booking search:


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